Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July and Kroger Giftcard Winner!

Happy 4th everyone!

What do you do when your day off from work and you're home with the kiddos and every plan you had got squashed? Why you throw some swimsuits and rainboots on the kids and grab your camera naturally!

We have never done this before and I'm not sure why not. What kid doesn't love puddle splashing?

Hope your 4th was a little more sunny that ours...and if not, do some splashing. Life's too short, no?

Jules originally didn't want to come out, because she didn't want to take her outfit off. So this is her running out to join us. She only lasted about 15 minutes, lol. 

What are you doing Jules?? "Oh, I need to get my swimsuit wet". - Jules

After Jules went in we went walking around the neighborhood doing some puddle searches. Then he decided to see how fast he could run in his rainboots. And yes...they are on the wrong feet. That is quite typical of ole Josh. 

And.....the winner of the $50 Kroger Giftcard....

Thank you so much to Kroger for these awesome giveaways. I hope you have enjoyed our series exploring all the great ways you can save time and money with Kroger!

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