Friday, September 20, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A "Normal Sunday"

Today I took the camera outside and took some snapshot of the kiddos in our normal insane day. And by insane I mean Josh was a crazy lunatic today and might have been in timeout 1,265 times. Whew. They sure are stinking sweet though.

My beautiful, special girl. 

This girl is obsessed with princesses. She sleeps in princess dresses, and puts one on when she gets home from school, and most weekend days now if we are hanging at home. Today she was Rapunzel.

"Here Mommy, I'll take your picture". Note the dirty, grubby toddler hands and bitten nails. I adore them. 

"Here you are Mommy". I am gorgeous!! Lol. 

Josh, kicking blocks in the driveway. Why do we have blocks in the driveway? Why, dont you? Thats completely normal right? 

Headed to the "restaurant". 

Bye Mommy. 

My heart. As evil as he was today he be stills my heart. 

Note the dirt on his cheeks and snot is his nose. All boy. ALL.BOY. 

If you are a regular reader of the blog or my Instagram I post alot of Josh and his piles of randomness he has with him at all times. He now carries an assortment of random in a Spiderman lunchbox. There might be cars characters (three maters, FYI, a couple of mismatched puzzle pieces, a train, stop signs from his train set, a couple of playing cards, a measuring tape, and a plastic hand - yup, you read that correctly. And the middle of the driveway was the perfect spot to lay down and try them out. 

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Steppin Out Saturday - Martinis and Mehndi

My fabulous friend Sumita is getting married to her love in October. Those of you familiar with Indian customs as far as weddings go, know that they throw a huge hoopla of a party. But, Sumita decided not to do that, but do a smaller family wedding. So, in lieu of that, she threw a fabulous Martinis and Mehndi shower on Saturday where all us girls got to get together and experience such a fabulous part of her culture (and martinis yo!)

They are a little blurry. It's hard sometimes for normal peeps to use my camera. It's not very user friendly. Ashley, Marette, the bride-to-be, Moi, and Gina

Me getting my mehndi! For who don't know, its tradition. The brides get these huge elaborate designs for their wedding. Its kind of like puffy paint, but a temporary tattoo that lasts a couple of weeks. 

We are got some fab forehead art :) Or Bindi
On Moi: Dress off ebay (score!) Necklace J Crew

I asked my friend Gina to take a few pics of me getting it done, and in this pic Im cracking up, because she got all "paparazzi" on me. She might have taken a gazillion. 

Almost done! As elaborate as it is, it literally took her 3 minutes. insane. 

Tada! Yes, I realize my hands resemble that of a 10 year old. Its ridiculous, and embarrassing. This new biz is creating havoc on the old nails. 

Marette and Ashley

Marette Ashley and Gina

Marette, Ashley and My designs. They are all so different and so cool!!

All of our hands. Gina did the right thing by actually having pretty nails :)

All the girls with Sumita!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Steppin Out Saturday - Its that Time Again!!!

Is it really fall? No, it can't be!!! Did I just celebrate ANOTHER birthday? (Happy birthday to moi!) I am now in my mid 30ish years, whew.

If you do not live in the south and are not a football fan, but follow my blog, you will get bored quick during the fall. We go to a.lot. of football games around here and I'm a proud UT Vol fan. And all of a sudden in the blink of an eye football is upon us.

And due to my new little business venture, I have been super busy and forgot to post any pics from the first game, and now we're past game two (both wins by the way).

Go Vols! let the football season begin! Although I'm posting two games, I am going to pause here and tell you we reached a HUGE, SUPREME milestone in the Stribling household. The babes attended their FIRST Vols football game. Thats a big deal, ya'll.

Babes First Football Game
UT vs Western Kentucky University
September 7, 2013
Coached by Butch Jones
Vols win 52-20

They tailgated, loved the Vol Walk, loved the band, and loved the food. Football? Eh. We made it to the end of the first quarter. But that was pretty good for a super crowded game and 150 degrees. We got there about three hours before the game, so all in all I think they did well. If the stadium wasn't so crowded and I wasn't concerned every second on if they were bothering someone, they may could have stayed longer.

Me and my sister, Leslie, totally cheesing. 

On Moi:
Boutique dress/necklace. (hmm, wish I knew the rest, but was purchased from my little Instagram shop)

Part of our little tailgating crew. The first game wasn't as crowded. 

Second game. Sadly, as BIG as a photographer as I am, and as bothersome as I am that person with a camera at all times, I didn't take any of their first game!!!! WTH is wrong with me?? So, my sister took this one of them at the Vol Walk. 

Our only, measly family pic at the game. How sad is that? And yes, thats as big as it is. Dang phone pic.  

Our tailgate crew from the second game. My how times have changed from college parties to kiddos!! Two sets of twin kids in this pic too! 

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