Sunday, September 15, 2013

A "Normal Sunday"

Today I took the camera outside and took some snapshot of the kiddos in our normal insane day. And by insane I mean Josh was a crazy lunatic today and might have been in timeout 1,265 times. Whew. They sure are stinking sweet though.

My beautiful, special girl. 

This girl is obsessed with princesses. She sleeps in princess dresses, and puts one on when she gets home from school, and most weekend days now if we are hanging at home. Today she was Rapunzel.

"Here Mommy, I'll take your picture". Note the dirty, grubby toddler hands and bitten nails. I adore them. 

"Here you are Mommy". I am gorgeous!! Lol. 

Josh, kicking blocks in the driveway. Why do we have blocks in the driveway? Why, dont you? Thats completely normal right? 

Headed to the "restaurant". 

Bye Mommy. 

My heart. As evil as he was today he be stills my heart. 

Note the dirt on his cheeks and snot is his nose. All boy. ALL.BOY. 

If you are a regular reader of the blog or my Instagram I post alot of Josh and his piles of randomness he has with him at all times. He now carries an assortment of random in a Spiderman lunchbox. There might be cars characters (three maters, FYI, a couple of mismatched puzzle pieces, a train, stop signs from his train set, a couple of playing cards, a measuring tape, and a plastic hand - yup, you read that correctly. And the middle of the driveway was the perfect spot to lay down and try them out. 

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  1. Such adorable little ones =) Josh's face is getting so much more grown up lately!