Sunday, September 15, 2013

Steppin Out Saturday - Martinis and Mehndi

My fabulous friend Sumita is getting married to her love in October. Those of you familiar with Indian customs as far as weddings go, know that they throw a huge hoopla of a party. But, Sumita decided not to do that, but do a smaller family wedding. So, in lieu of that, she threw a fabulous Martinis and Mehndi shower on Saturday where all us girls got to get together and experience such a fabulous part of her culture (and martinis yo!)

They are a little blurry. It's hard sometimes for normal peeps to use my camera. It's not very user friendly. Ashley, Marette, the bride-to-be, Moi, and Gina

Me getting my mehndi! For who don't know, its tradition. The brides get these huge elaborate designs for their wedding. Its kind of like puffy paint, but a temporary tattoo that lasts a couple of weeks. 

We are got some fab forehead art :) Or Bindi
On Moi: Dress off ebay (score!) Necklace J Crew

I asked my friend Gina to take a few pics of me getting it done, and in this pic Im cracking up, because she got all "paparazzi" on me. She might have taken a gazillion. 

Almost done! As elaborate as it is, it literally took her 3 minutes. insane. 

Tada! Yes, I realize my hands resemble that of a 10 year old. Its ridiculous, and embarrassing. This new biz is creating havoc on the old nails. 

Marette and Ashley

Marette Ashley and Gina

Marette, Ashley and My designs. They are all so different and so cool!!

All of our hands. Gina did the right thing by actually having pretty nails :)

All the girls with Sumita!

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