Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Matilda Jane Paint By Numbers Collection - A Review and $50 Giveaway!

If you are follower of my blog, regular reader, or even happen to stop by every now and then, you must notice my little curly-haired darling, Jules, one half of my twinnies. She is my spunky full-of-life hysterical little girl.

I wrote a fashion post several months ago on toddler/kid fashion. It's funny - what you envision and then what actually comes to pass is usually SO DIFFERENT!! I thought, being a southern girl, that Jules would wear smoked monogrammed stuff all the time.

Oh how wrong I was. She is full of bright, fun, colorful energy, and with that comes bright, fun, colorful clothing. Again, if you are a regular reader, most of the clothing I put her in is Matilda Jane. You can see some of her outfits here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Right now her absolute favorite dresses are the Joanna Wrap dress and the Fruit Punch dress. When I say she asks to wear them every day - she asks to wear them every day. (Soon to be replaced by PBN Damsel Dress!)

For those of you who are not familiar with Matilda Jane Clothing, - let me introduce you to this fabulous company:

Denise DeMarchis started MJC in 2005, started selling her designs at art fairs around the Midwest. After that was so sucessful, she eventually  moved the business toward a Trunk Keeper model— home shows are parties. Yup - you can get her designs in stores! Thats what makes this brand so great - its not mass produced.

"Sometimes, when you put on a certain dress, you feel a certain way. When you put on Matilda Jane, you feel just happy and twirly. You just feel good." – Denise

I bought Jules' first Matilda Jane piece when she was just over a year old, and since then had added piece by piece and now she has quite the collection! This might confuse you because she is clearly almost four. Well, that is the beauty of Matilda Jane. Every piece is made to mix and match and the sizes seem to carry on year after year: leggings become capris, dresses become tops, tops become dresses. She is still able to wear some 12m things, 18m things and has some size 2, and some size 4. The quality is amazing and as long as you take care of it, it will last forever. It's a great investment - and it's beautiful! Our favorite collections are Good Hart and Serendipity, but wow - I am blown away by Paint by Numbers!

Their new fall line of Paint By Numbers launched in August. They had another release in September, and another small one in October. The colors are warm and fabulous. I have honestly bought more pieces from this recent collection that any other.

When I say I love Matilda Jane, I honestly do. Jules loves it as well (she thinks it's Matilda Jane is a real person - hehe!). They are comfortable, easy pieces that mix well with everything, and Jules loves them as well. If I have any critiques about the brand, it's that sometime their sizes vary. In some things she can wear a 4, and sometimes it is HUGE on her. They have an easy return/exchange policy though, so it's easy to swap out. We also bought the Shasta Bubble top from PBN and had to send it back to swap sizes, so it isn't pictured.

Need a trunk keeper? If you are local to Middle TN, please email me at Emily Holleman ( is a great Nashville rep, and Brea Freeman  ( is great for north TN!

Her new favorite!!

She is wearing 12m leggings from an older line. They are now the cutest little capris! Love this top. I adore all things french, and the sweet detail on this top is to die for. Another piece that I have not pictured is the Sky View Puffer Tee and it is precious as well.

Our own ruffle leggings - also adore this top. 

She is wearing the Moon Ruffles with the Turtledove Top. It is also from an older line and 18m! They are also capris. I also will say, the Moons were by far the best investment we made. They go with EVERYTHING. This is the outfit she recently wore for preschool pictures :)
Love this girl! Can there be a brand more fitting for her?

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