Friday, November 29, 2013

A Visit to Gentry's Farm in Franklin, TN

I know I'm WAY late on Halloween posts but...alas.

There are so many fabulous little things to do around this city of mine. One thing I honestly have been meaning to do since they were little was take them to Gentry's Farm during the Fall/Halloween season.

Gentry's Farm is a full working, operating farm in Franklin, TN. It has been in the Gentry Family for over 150 years. What makes this farm so special is during the fall especially, they open it up to the public. There are hayrides, games, activities, a pumpkin patch, corn maze and lots of other things.

It was so much fun for the kiddos. Yes, they are in costumes. And yes, you may not see other kids dressed up. But hey, it was cute.

Gah. I die. 

You coming Mom?

Ahh, buddy. Couldn't resist...couldn't resist. 

I have a feeling this pic might be a memory maker - to take it each year. 

Sweet gal. 

Did I mention they had a tire swing? How sweet is this pic? And look at little peanut snuggled inside the tire. Have you ever seen such a sweet thing?

Wild Josh - and Peanut. 

This is why you shouldn't bring DSLR cameras to things you might want your picture in, and this is also why Moms never get their picture made....le sigh

Why did my son get too big for the riding tractor area?  WTH yo??

Pretty Princess

Handsome devil can shoot spider webs miles long. Super powerful, he is. 


He seems quite happy to be in snuggletown. 

Me and my favorite girl!

This picture is the sweetest because Jake is holding her hand inside his. This is also on the hayride!

How can a boy look so beautiful mid-cough?

So, as we were leaving we saw old Mr. Gentry and Mrs. Gentry sitting inside the barn. They had little painted ornaments they were selling. They called out to us and called us over. They loved that Josh and Jules were in their costumes and were so pleased we came to visit their farm. They talked to Josh and Jules for a while then Mr. Gentry asked if Josh would like an ornament to put on our Christmas Tree. Josh was ecstatic, and picked out the one that was orange and white (naturally). What a special memory :)

Yes, yes we did :)

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