Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Buh Bye Football

Another football season has come and gone. (Sort of- we still have KY, but home games are done) Although its sad somewhat, on the other hand, I couldn't be happier.

Poor old UT has had quite the lackluster season -AGAIN. It just gets frustrating, especially when you add ticket costs, donation to the university, parking passes, food/drink for the tailgate... Yadda yadda you know. 

However, the tailgating had been fun as always! It's always fun to reconnect with family and friends. Plus, the babes got to experience their very first football game. And when I say football game, I mean they saw they Vol Walk, they saw The Pride of the Southland band, and one whole quarter of the actual game :) hehe 

As frustrating as it all it, I'm still a fan and all that... Just glad it's over. Ready to stay home one weekend :) 

So, here is a look back at Tailgating 2013 in iphone goodness! 


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