Monday, December 2, 2013

Small Town Halloween

Halloween around here got a little rained out. Thursday was Halloween and its was almost tornado weather, so most neighborhoods and cities "postponed" Halloween until Friday. We had already planned on going to my in laws in Waverly for the weekend, so we just did our trick-or-treating down there.

In Waverly, because it's a small town they do Halloween big. They close down main street and host a huge Halloween trick-or-treating event. Every house is decorated to the 9's and everyone hands out candy. They also have lots of food and games for the kiddos as well. Fun, fun fun!

And let's be honest, after last year's redneck Halloween in a hotel room with craptastic costumes, this year couldn't go anywhere but up.

Oy vey. Halloween 2012. This one may haunt their nightmares for a few years. 

Josh had two costumes - one he wore to a couple of parties (Spiderman) and he decided to trick or treat as a pirate. Jules, the same. She was Rapunzel to her school party, and Aurora trick or treating. And she got to wear makeup- Jules Boo Boo. 

Good Lawd heart these two

This. Too. 

My little Honey Boo Boo Child!!

Grama with all the chitlins. (Good grief need to get off the Honey Boo Boo)

Family pic. Hey, whats over there to the left?? What am I missing?

Headed down main street for some candy!

A little freaked out but pretty brave!

Poor peanut was so sick. She finally gave up. 

Aunt Jen and our little niece Olive the Bumblebee!


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  1. All the pictures are great. The picture of Jules kissing Josh is my fave!