Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 1 - Knoxville Christmas

Okay, so I'm doing something I promised I wouldn't do, but by gosh I'm doing it. I just have way to many pictures to get through and editing them makes me want to cry. There is just too darn many of them. So, apologies in advance, but Christmas is un-edited this year. Hope you will understand!

Christmas, Pt 1 was in Knoxville. Growing up, all the extended family would go to my Aunt Clara's farmhouse and open small presents and Santa would come visit! We have since tried to recreate said memories and still do this a week or so before Christmas. Except now, we all have kids so new memories are being created. It's pretty freaking awesome. We like to call it "The Dysfunctional Family Christmas". Here is a look back to our last one.

Cousin Ella

Jules and Ella

Prater Girls

Jules and Jake

The crazy Js

baby Clara Kay

Uncle Seth with Josh and his son Eston

Aunt Clara with Santy Claus!

Josh and Santa

Jules and Santa

Graham and Santa

Baby Clara wasn't too excited about Santa

Ella and Santa

Santa Selfie!

Eston and Santa

The gals and Santa

What can I say? The girl loves to accessorize

Josh and Graham

All the sweet cousins on the stairs! This goes back years and years. We always do the "picture on the stairs". 
That was then, this is now...

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