Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2 - a Small Town Christmas

Okay, so I'm doing something I promised I wouldn't do, but by gosh I'm doing it. I just have way to many pictures to get through and editing them makes me want to cry. There is just too darn many of them. So, apologies in advance, but Christmas is un-edited this year. Hope you will understand!

Super fun Christmas down in Waverly with our in-laws! The babes played with new baby Olive and her first Christmas, and got new bikes along with lots of other stuff. We also did our traditional "matching jammies" picture, lol!!

Adjusting to his new bike, lol

Got it!

Olive and Nancy

Okay, so this one had to be edited. Sorry

hehe - check Josh out

Jules and Olive :)

Matchy-matchy!!! Even poor Charlie the dog

Funny face!

Sweet Charlie

Grama and Papa.

Here's our matchy from last year:

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