Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 3 - Christmas at the house!

Okay, so I'm doing something I promised I wouldn't do, but by gosh I'm doing it. I just have way to many pictures to get through and editing them makes me want to cry. There is just too darn many of them. So, apologies in advance, but Christmas is un-edited this year. Hope you will understand!

Christmas #3 was when Santa came to our house. My family comes in and we have a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner, then Santa comes Christmas Day and Jakes parents come up and we have a fun brunch.

Josh and Grampa Roy

Aww, so pretty!

Watching Polar Express

Jules and baby Sutton

Jake and baby Sutton

Babes with Uncle Jason at the piano

Family pic!!!

Santa came!

Sleeping Sutton

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