Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Okay, here we go yet again. Let's hope I can keep at least one of these, eh?

1. LESS PHONE TIME. Seriously, must shut this thing off. It will help me be a better mother, and wife. And isn't that the most important??
2. Do Instagram more. Yes, I realize that totally contradicts #1, but I went though a huge phase last year that didn't record any of the little daily funnies of our life, and those are the most important :)
3. Yell less. Control my temper and short fuse. I certainly don't want my kids growing up with a temper and to yell at one another. I know they see me do it that that makes me super sad. 
4. Eat cleaner. Exercise more. Period. Seriously.I have recently started selling Plexus Slim, and while I love it so so much (lost 10 lbs!) we need to improve the eating habits around here. 
5. Blog more. I do love it so, and it took a huge back burner last year. 
6. Grow Le Petite Maison. I am so proud of all that I accomplished in the few short months I started doing this. I plan to continue that this year!
7. Watch better TV. Seriously, we put the kids to bed then play with our phones/ipads. There are so many great TV shows that we have missed and haven't watched because of it. Less sports, better TV.
8. Become a GREAT stay-at-home mom. Big life changes around here, as I am officially staying at home now. And I really want to be the best I can. I know how easy its going to be to get into a rut, but I'm really going to try. I want to have a routine, a schedule. Learning activities, less TV, piano lessons, dance, etc. 

Thats a long list. Let's see how it goes! YAY 2014! Bring it. 

Here's a picture from New Year's Eve this year. The babes stayed at home, but the parents went out. Cheers, ya'll!

Dress: H&M//Tights:Calvin Klein//Shoes: Steve Madden//Necklace:White House.Black Market

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