Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New Blog, New Look!

So, have ya noticed things look a little different around here? Well, yeah, they do.

We have a new blog and new look! I hope you like it!! I did this for a variety of reasons.

1. Sigh - let's all be honest with ourselves. They are now 4. They are no longer the Fabulous Baby Striblings as much as I'd like to keep them babies.

2. I wanted the blog to be more of a lifetime thing. I will forever be Mandy (I hope) and J&J are the most fabulous multiples I know. So, hopefully that isn't going to change.

3. I love sneaking in some lifestyle, DIY, travel, etc type posts. I wanted it to be more about "us" than just baby updates. (Again, no longer babies...sigh) They are growing up, and I have to accept that. They/you aren't going to enjoy the baby posts anymore, and I want the blog to grow with them and with us. This is and has always been an outlet for me to post about them, me and our family life and other fun shenanigans.

4. Thats pretty much it! I feel like they were growing up, so the blog needed to as well. Hope you like it and like the changes!

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