Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Weekend.

Whew! This weekend went by so fast. We had so much packed into three days I'm not sure I would have survived (and let's be honest, Sunday I was feeling a bit puny)

Friday afternoon sweet Jules started Ballet again. (well...Creative Movement as it's called when you're 3/4). We are doing it a a new place and I liked it so far. It's an hour as opposed to 30min, so I think it will be better for her. Also? Josh is rocking the crap out of some colored skinny jeans.

Another great thing about enrolling them in classes, is that I get one-on-one time with the other twin, which we don't do far often enough. I forget how important that is. So, Josh and I headed to the library for some Mommy/son time.

After lunch we headed over to the Nashville Humane Association. As mentioned in their party post, I decided to name a charity this year in lieu of birthday gifts, and I'm so glad I did! It was a great experience and the kiddos enjoyed delivering everything and seeing the dogs and cats. I will definitely be doing this again.

Friday night was a family date night to see The Fresh Beat Band at the Grand Ole Opry. I have been to the Opry before, but Jake hadn't. I told him 20 years from now if someone asked him if he's been he can say "Yes, I saw The Fresh Beat Band there is 2014." And he would seem super cool. Syke

Jules wanted to take a pic of me in my nerd glasses. Also - Jake is trying to photobomb.

And OMG - This was fun. It helps that I knew 90% of the songs, and might have been singing and dancing more than my 4 year olds. Also, it's super awesome that it's actually the same kids in the show, and not look alike actors or something.

*aside - I kept things how awesome it would be to be them. They are like my age, and travel around and make awesome money and get to have fun all the time with kids - how cool is that?

Saturday morning we had a birthday party to go to. Some awesome things:

1. a morning party - genius. My kids are already bouncing off the walls at 9:00. Might as well bounce at a bounce house.
2. different! The food was breakfast type food. And who doesn't love Krispy Kreme?
3. the dad was a wine distributor, so the adults got goody bags as well. Triple Score.

The kiddos then went to Grama's house and Jake and I had a fun night planned. I am kinda sorta obsessed with Chris D'Elia. He is a comedian who has been of lots of different shows. However, I fell in love with him
started following him on Vine. (I am also OBSESSED with Vine). He is hysterical, and when I saw he was coming to Nashville I was super, super excited. 

For those that have never been to Zanies, I highly recommend it. We don't go near enough, and each time we go we have a great time. Its small, intimate, but also crowded at the same time. There is always a good seat and good service. 
I  might be a little excited, and I also might have my hand groping his abdomen. 

Sunday we picked the kiddos up and it was actually pretty nice outside so we did us a little bike riding. Naturally that was short-lived and it's 20 degrees again. Gotta love living in the south!

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  1. Dang! I just went to a screening of the new show Chris is in, Undatable, last Wednesday. He travels fast :) He's def hilarious. He did some stand up for us and it was so funny!

    Your kiddos are too cute - looks like a wonderful weekend!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  2. We did a 10 a.m. party for Ethan's last birthday and it was awesome! Now I won't do anything else! We did bagels, cream cheese, fruits and breakfast foods (plus cake and cake pops because, well, yay sugar! lol!). It was a ton of fun!!! And breakfast food really saved money, it was only $15 for bagels and cream cheese for 35 people!

    1. It was seriously so awesome! Great idea.

  3. Kids are happier wherever they go as long as their with they family.

  4. So cute! I can't wait for my lil' lady bean to start ballet!