Friday, January 17, 2014

Pirates and Princess Party - Pirate Party Food

Hopefully, you have already seen the summary post on Josh and Jules' Pirates and Princess party! If not, here is is again.

I did a lot this year and my last post was so picture heavy that I decided to separate it out. So, here is the food post! It was SUCH  a blast to plan!

I wanted to keep things simple, but cute. I did normal food on the pirate side, and the sweet stuff on the princess side. I designed and printed all the tags myself.

Next, for the Pirate Side:

"Pirates Punch" - AKA water with raspberry flavoring

"Shark Bait" - AKA goldfish crackers

"Veggie Island" - note the uber fab octopus

"Pirate Ships" - AKA orange slices with DIY flag masts

"Peg Legs" - AKA pigs in a blanket

"Cannon Balls" - AKA sausage balls. You could also do cheese puff balls, or grapes

"Ships and Dip" - AKA chips and salsa

"Salty Bones" - AKA pretzel sticks

Tada!! Hope you've enjoyed the food section. The DIY section is coming next with some printables and how-tos.

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