Friday, January 17, 2014

Pirates and Princess Party - Princess Party Food

Hopefully, you have already seen the summary post on Josh and Jules' Pirates and Princess party! If not, here is is again.

I did a lot this year and my last post was so picture heavy that I decided to separate it out. So, here is the food post! It was SUCH  a blast to plan!

I wanted to keep things simple, but cute. I did normal food on the pirate side, and the sweet stuff on the princess side. I designed and printed all the tags myself.

First, the Princess Side:

"Mrs. Potts' Punch" - AKA raspberry lemonade

"Princess Popcorn" - AK DIY popcorn cones cut from scrapbook paper. added rhinestone, then spray painted popcorn with pink food coloring. 

"Ariels Ocean Cups" - AKA blue jello cups (or virgin jello shots - not the college kind)

"Snow Whites Apples"

"Belles Roses" - AKA marshmallow roses I got from the Dollar Tree

"Princess Pops" - AKA rice krispy balls sprayed with pink food coloring. 

"Rapunzels Tower of Donuts" - AKA powdered donut cake with flowers

"Cinderellas" Cupcakes"
cupcakes! I did yellow and chocolate cake with blue and chocolate icing. the toppers are DIYed, and hot glued to toothpicks. Also DIYed are the cupcake wrappers. They are cut from scrapbook paper. 

Tada!! Next is the Pirate Side. Argh!!

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  1. What a great idea! I imagine it would be difficult to plan parties for twins but themes like that are great. I'm sure they loved it!