Friday, February 7, 2014

So, I dyed a Matilda Jane dress

Well, I have seen and heard gossip about doing this. I haven't been brave enough to pull the trigger.

And then I did. Have you yourself had questions about dying a Matilda Jane dress? How do you dye a Matilda Jane dress? Or is it easy to dye clothes? How do you dye a dress?

I am answering all these questions and might be fist pumping as well - because HOLY COW this was awesome.

I had a Harbor Grey Emilia. Actually, I had two (long story but I bought the wrong size during a Good Luck Trunk sale and couldn't return it) So, I thought about selling it, and then when I took it out of the bag I noticed that it had these weird color marks on it.

So, perfect candidate for my first dying experience.

Here she is! The Harbor Grey Emilia. 

The culprit - see the weird color marks?

Okay, so here we go.

1. Buy a small bottle of Rit Dye in Fuchsia. Also have a bucket, mixing bowl, wooden spoon, and bleach on hand.

2. Soak and stir half/half to a little more than half bleach half water and put in a mixing bowl. Stir stir stir! (maybe 5-10 minutes. Honestly the color turned quick.

3. Take it out and rise it well and remove the bleach smell. See how cute it is even without dying it?

The bleached Emilia. 

Things to note: The thread and label did not bleach or dye because it's made of polyester. 

4. Take your bucket and add the bottle of Rit Dye to super hot water. I read not to use stainless steel or porcelain due to staining. Then saturate your dress again in hot water (I read that this helps the color go on smoothly) Then constantly stir! I did this about 15 minutes. I almost wish I took it out sooner so it would be a shade or two lighter.

It turns quick!

Done! It's pretty dark as you can see, but it will lighten
 5. Rinse all the dye out in a sink/tub until all the water runs clear.

 6. Wash on gentle with some detergent and hang/lay flat to dry.

Ta Da!

IN. LOVE!!!!!!!

Luna - I'm coming for you next. 

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  1. This is super cute! I just ordered some MJ myself haha - certainly doesn't last long for the price, I'll have to book mark this for later! I write over at Hands and Hearts More Than Full (about twins, too!) come visit any time :) xo Crista

  2. OMG I am so jealous! First I gasped - you are brave woman to dye an MJ when the resale value is so fantastic. Then I was intrigued. You're right? What do you do with the funny dye marks? And then I saw the final product and gasped again. It looks absolutely fantastic!

    1. I know!! It would have resold as play and now it looks like a million bucks!!

  3. My daughter loves the Luna... it's her personal favorite. I have 5 of them so I can bleach and dye... I've been afraid, but I'm gong to try bleaching one now! :-) Resale is in the toilet anyway! :-/