Friday, March 7, 2014

5 on Friday - Mar 7

Here are Five things on my mind this week:

1. How is it already March? It's times like this when I want to curl up in a ball in the corner and cry. I posted before how I though the age from 3-4 went by lightning fast. WAAAAYYY faster than 0-1, 1-2, or 2-3. And we are on the same track. How was Disney 3 months ago?? I haven't even done our photobook, done any blog posts about it, or hell even downloaded the first pictures from my camera!! Christmas was over 2 months ago?? And crap - they turned 4 two months ago too!! What???? I JUST had their party!! I'm still finding glitter!

2. My workouts are back on track and I feel so great! Jake and I have been doing DDP Yoga each morning. They aren't long, which is great. (I'll probably do a post about it soon - it's different!!) So, we're doing it before the kids get up and then some other days I'll do something else - either walk, jog, a Leslie Samsone walking DVD, or the kids and I will do a kids exercise video together. They don't "really" do it, but they think it's fun. I just pull up a video on youtube. (usually Paul Eugene) and hook it up to the TV via an HDMI cord. Speaking of...

3. I recently started selling Plexus. It's it the greatest thing ever - and I'm not lying. I have NEVER EVER wanted to sell ANYTHING at home - but I just honestly fell in love. It is so easy and I've lost 10 pounds and haven't felt better. If you want to know  more shoot me an email - Here's my website if you want to learn more:

4. The kids and I are having an absolute ball at home. I am SO SO thankful I'm able to do this, at least for a little while. I will never regret it I know that. Time is fleeting and they are growing up super fast. They are hysterical and cute and cuddly and I love it. And they love it too, which is the most important. I am posting much more pics of our daily life on my instagram account.

I'm actually doing much better there that I used to!

5. Starting to plan a trip to Napa for my sister's 40th birthday. SUPER excited about this!!!! Much needed.

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