Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Josh and Jules singing Let it Go from Frozen

Well, here is mine. I'm sure all of your have videos of your kiddos singing Let it Go. Mine took it very serious. When I told them I wanted to film them singing it, they had a few requests:

1.Josh needed a shield and a sword. Check out my DIY cardboard shield. Mad skills I have.
2. Jules had to wear a blue princess dress. We don't have Elsa, so Cinderella would have to do.
3. They did not want to dance.
4. They each wanted to get their chairs and sit while singing instead of standing. Jules just wanted to "sit and sing" - no dancing. Serious, I tell ya.
5. Josh is usually the most vocal but he got a little camera shy.
6. Jules didn't quite make the note at the end. We're working on it. lol.

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  1. So super adorable. How did it not ever dawn on me that my b/g pair will eventually sing together? You just made me so excited. :-) Enjoy your cuties!