Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekly Project - The Many Faces of Josh

Sometimes you are taking some pictures at your sweet niece's first birthday party. And sometimes you look over and notice your breathtakingly handsome son sitting in a chair right in front of a huge picture window, and you say "Hey Josh, can I take some pictures?" "Sure, Mommy". And then this happens and you realize how unbelievably lucky you are so have produced such a beautiful human being. I love this little guy. And his heart is the biggest you could ever imagine. He is so compassionate and all he talks about is love.

"Mommy, can you make my oatmeal with extra love today?"
"Mommy, I'm going to reach into my heart and give you love"
"I dreamed last night about you and Daddy and God and love"
"My favorite shape is a heart because a heart is for love!"

I have very different kids. Jules isn't like this. Shes a sweetheart too, but doesn't have a heart like Josh's. I'm a lucky Mommy.

And the boy LOVES his Gingy. 

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