Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jules at Four

Jules at 4.

My sweet little funny curly haired princess. The girl that carries 10 dolls with her everywhere she goes. The girl that constantly has knots in her hair and dirt on her socks. The girl that is sassy and smart and going on 16 like, tomorrow. The girl that loves to wear pretty dresses and sleeps in princess dresses. The girl that kicks her shoes and socks off the moment she comes in the door. The girl that pretty much only eats breakfast and lunch and hardly ever touches her dinner, and is the pickiest person you will ever meet. The girl who hates to get in trouble as as soon as our raise your voice or giver her a disappointed look bursts into tears. The girl that loves to sing and dance. The girl that loves books and is very smart, but her favorite thing to do is "watch TV". Oy. The girl who knows everything about every single kid in her class. The girl who says "Ill be her" and picks out the prettiest girl in every book we read and movie we watch. The girl who is so much like me its scary. My mini-me.

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