Saturday, May 31, 2014

Disney World Pt 1 - How We Surprised Our Kids with the Trip

I know, I know. Yes - we went to Disney in December! But what the what? --- It's almost June! How is that possible?? So, Yes, I totally need to get around to posting about Disney huh? It was magic, pure magic. I was in in heaven. I am a total Disney girl, through and through, so you KNOW I was stoked. And it was just the best time to go. The crowds were super low, we were still in shorts (and swam one day!), and it was beautifully decorated for Christmas. It even snowed during the main street parade!

I'm going to break down parts of our trip to avoid a super long post. Part one is how we told the kids. We decided not to tell them until the morning of. We kept mentioning it from time to time on "Oh, how I wish Mickey would invite us to Disney!" "I wonder when he will?" "I bet if we keep dreaming about it and being really good he will invite us!" We made it known that Mickey only invites good boys and good girls and he notices. And when you're really good, then he will send you an invite to come visit.

The good thing is we were in the midst of Elf on the Shelf, so we just had Sylvester bring their "Invite" as a present from Santa AND Mickey.

box with tshirts and Sylvester the Elf. 

Then, we had two monogrammed tshirts sitting on top of a wrapped box. When they opened the box out popped balloons. I went to Party City and got some Mickey and Minnie Mouse balloons, so when they opened the box the helium balloons popped out. The "invite" said to watch a person video on Daddy's ipad.

And here's where I totally go over the top lol. It took me an entire day, but I looked all over Youtube for some video of the real Mickey Mouse and Minnie addressing the camera, without other kids in it. (hard to do trust me!!)

Then I dubbed my voice over it, and pretended I was Mickey and Minnie inviting them to Disney (yes - thats really me as Mickey and Minnie, lol!!) Don't I sound like the real thing? (not!)

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  1. I really like the idea of Mickey inviting the kids to go and the video was a GREAT IDEA!!! Thanks for sharing!