Monday, June 23, 2014

Outings Lately

What is it about spring and summer? I honestly don't feel like we've left the house all winter and now I feel like you can't keep us at home. Oh well. Life is fun right now :) Here's a little of what we've been up to via phone pics. I'm on Instagram ( a lot, so please follow me to see our day-to-day stuff. I promise - it's uber exciting.

Memorial Day weekend took us to Austin, TX. A friend of ours was celebrating his 40th birthday (do I really have 40 year old friends? I am super sized old lol) Austin was a pretty fun city! As much as people compare it to Nashville and that we are "sister cities" I don't see it. yes, the music thing, etc. But they are REALLY different cities, IMO. These are all phone pics. I didn't take the big cameras with me :)

The whole gang!

Top Golf - this place might have been the most fun EVEH. Nashville needs one yesterday. 
Top Golf - I look awesome. 

This might have been the most fun ever. And worth the $25 to go a block, lol. And guess what? This dude was from Brentwood - what are the chances??

Some much needed pool-fruity-drink-no-kids time. 

This place was yummy

More bike cart riding! This girl was cray cray. 

Bike Cart selfies!

The dudes!

The girlies!

My dear friend Cleo is finally getting married, so we went to a fiesta engagement party in their honor last weekend. Congrats guys!

Cleo and I

Me and Jake

Me and Gina

The next weekend we attended one (ONE ONLY) concert for CMA Fest here in Nashville. Ya'll - CMA Fest is crazy. I can only do it one night. It baffles me how people fly in from all over the country to do this. Whew. Good people watching though!

Let the people watching and red-necking begin! :)


And finally, we went down to Memphis last weekend. We got tickets to the St Judes Classic golf tournament, so me, Jake, Katie and Hunter went down and did some golf watching, dranking, blues listening, and barbecue eating.
gold course selfie!

Phil Mickelson!

I dont care what people say, I love this guy. 

Hunter selfie!

At the top of the Peabody. I may and may not have mentioned a million times that Prince Harry and Prince William were JUST HERE and STAYED HERE

Thanks so the lovely tourist who snapped this stellar picture. After fifty takes I just told her to forget it. 

more selfie fun!!

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