Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We finally met them - ELSA AND ANNA OMG

It happened. A dream come true (for the kids too). They had family night at our club last week and who should show up but Elsa and Anna from Frozen!! I of course, knew they would be there, but it was a complete surprise for the kids. And while they kept asking why Jules needed to wear her Elsa dress and they both were allowed to take their lovies (the plush Elsa/Anna doll and Olaf) they were SUPER excited.

We have a local agency called Enchanted Entertainment. They offer lots of different princesses for any occasions. They have all your Disney favorites, and the girls are just as sweet as can be. So, Elsa and Anna were hired to come do crafts, facepainting, pictures, and a song-a-long with the kids as part of Family Night. It was AWESOME!!

If you know, I am Disney girl. I was just on cloud nine all night. To see Jules wait in line over and over again to get hugs made me honestly all teary-eyed. Love, love, love it

Craft time - everyone making Olafs!

Jules and Elsa!! (not her plush doll - its kind of freaky because its two dolls in one, you flip it over and it's Anna)

Jules and Anna! Now she had her Anna doll!

Josh showing him Olaf (or, O-love as he calls him, because he loves Olaf)

Popsicle time

Sing Along time is about to begin!

They taught movements and everything. Josh is ALL about it. In the middle of a puddle of girls lol. 

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