Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blueberry Pickin' at Golden Bell Farm

So, seriously. What in the world has happened to summer? Are you telling me that it's almost August? I had so many plans!! Yes, we went to the beach and have done some other traveling, but I wanted to do ALL these local fun things with the babes! We've done NOTHING except the pool, which, nonetheless has been grand. But, I really, really wanted to go experience some of Nashville finest activities, and we've done nada. I asked facebook for help this morning. We need to get a move-on here. So, we now have a summer bucket list. First, up - berry picking!

We went this morning to Golden Bell Farms, located in Frankin, TN. It was super easy to get to, super easy for the kids to walk around, and super fun! Me and the kids grabbed a bucket and started picking. They were plentiful and beautiful. Golden Bell charges $3/lb. We ended up with 2.5lbs, so we got out of there with a ton of blueberries for $7.50! Can't beat it! It was such a fun activity that took about an hour - perfect length of time with 4 year olds! And since Josh can't read, I will go ahead and say how impressed I was at Jules' blueberry picking ability. That girl got after it! And she picked only the darkest, best ones. She knew what she was doing and was a pro! And it was just so neat to be able to pick your own fruit. If I wasn't such a horrible gardener (honestly horrible - the worst ever) I would love to do it. Until then, I'll be grateful for some local families doing all that work for us ;)

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