Monday, July 28, 2014

Napa Trip - Day Two

Hopefully you've read the super long post from Day One on the blog!

Day two had our good friend Robert picking us up again at 9:30 and away we went :) Again, I had several wineries on the list but we got to four of them. We started again with bubbly, so on our agenda for today was Domaine Chandon, Keever Vineyards, Cakebread, and Inglenook (formerlly Coppola Winery)

Chandon - LOVED this place! Very different from Mumm, but that's what made it great. It was a walk up, no appointment required, and just fun and lively bubbly fun. The tastings were all yummy, and it was a perfect way to start the day. I bought some here to take home.

Keever - thinking back on this winery will forever leave me with a smile! This one was only recommended by a couple of people, but one person said get on the phone immediately and make your reservation! I'm so glad we did! This was our "tour" winery. When I called to make the appointment, I was greeted by none other that Olga Keever herself, and said that her daughter, Ashley Keever would be hosting our tour. Every detail was personal and gracious. It was small, quaint, and perfect. (and the wine was fabulous too!) We met the winemaker (Chris I think?) and the brother, Jason too. Their winery was more recent, but their views were spectacular and clearly they know what they're doing! A funny aside was that we also met the family dog, Bones, who Leslie wanted to go on the tour with us. Well, Bones completely took me to the ground lol! In my oh so gracious fashion I managed to save my camera and save my wine in the process. Not sure why none of my party wanted to take pictures of that because it was certainly hysterical. Ashley and family, we loved you and will sing your praises to everyone! I bought two bottles here :)

This was waiting on us when we arrived. LOVE!

Ashley Keever, Marette, Moi, Mom, Kenya, Kerra, Chris, Leslie, and Jason Keever

Cakebread - I'm putting this in the same category as Plumpjack. It was fine, wine was fine, but we just shouldn't have come here after leaving Keever. NO comparison. It's no fault of Cakebread, they are just very different. We had to make an appointment here. They do a laid back tasting mini-tour. They'll answer any questions, and it's more about the tastings. Recommended by pretty much everyone, and we were excited about this one, it just didn't compare to Keever.

Les with our wine guy

Inglenook - this one is historic and the grounds are fabulous. It was formerly Coppola. The wine was really good. We again got to try some really pricey wine. $180 I think? This was a very quiet tasting - more formal, sit down, and probably not a good stop at the end of the day with a gaggle of girls :)

Ginny made it!

The end of Day 2 at the wineries meant saying goodbye to our driver, Robert. We tried to rebook him again for Friday but he was booked. He was fun, and knew all about Napa Valley and we loved it. Thanks Robert!

We started to get a little sassy. Blame the wine. It was the end of day 2 here, people. 

Robert clearly thinks we're cray. 

Back at the homestead, we took a couple of pics of the three sisters! :) hashtag photoshoot!

Dinner later was at Auberge du Soleil.  We were just going to come do happy hour here and eat dinner in our fabulous backyard, but the views were so fun here. They have an upscale restaurant, and a bistro/bar. We just sat outside and ordered off the bistro menu, and it was great. The views were uber fabulous, but tonight was the first time it got pretty chilly.

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