Friday, August 22, 2014

Napa - Day Four

Well, this was the day Marette and I headed back to Nashville. Some of the crew stayed until Sunday.

So, Saturday we decided to do a send off brunch, so we went to Grace's Table in downtown Napa. This was fabulous. It was right on a corner in downtown Napa. It had a great menu, lots of local food, and open air. It was fabulous!

We saved this one until our final birthday brunch :)

The rest of the crew partook in the super-fun Downtown Napa Winery crawl. It's low-key, laid-back, and cheap, yo! I read up on this before we got down there, and I figured it might be a fun think to do on the quick. With half our crew gone (me, Marette and Kenya) it was just the four of them and we were already downtown after brunch. What you do is go the visitors center and buy a tasting card for $30. Then you can go to up to 12 wineries for $.10 each tasting. Seriously. And they are are within walking distance. You get to see and peruse Downtown Napa. Are these going to be the greatest wines you've ever tasted? No. But it's a fun day nonetheless :)

So that's it! Napa in four days. What a trip it was. I can't wait to go back!! Make sure you check out our other day's activities! 

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