Saturday, September 27, 2014

Four Year Portraits

I have seriously dropped the ball this year with their four year portraits. I planned on doing them in the spring, Then for some reason spring flew by in like two seconds. Then of course it was summertime, And that's when we got them done last year but it was so very hot here, So I kept waiting on a cooler time to do them,-  Which honestly never came.

 Then I decided I would just do pictures at the beach this year and those would be our four year pictures. And well honestly they sucked. So here it is fall and I'm just now getting them done.

  If anyone can tell me what has happened to the last nine months that be great. It has seriously flown by in the blink of an eye. Well at least I've gotten them done right- I mean they'll be here in time for Christmas cards so that counts right? Jeez... Well even though they are almost 5 I decided to go ahead and get them done. Here are a couple of sneak peeks from my photographer I used. 

Aren't they seriously adorable???


  1. They're getting so big! Such beautiful photos. :)

  2. Yes- they are adorable!!!! Love these pictures. Do not feel bad - pictures are harder to get done the older the kids get. Life just happens!