Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye Summer

What happened to summer? Seriously, I had a bucket list of things to get done with my first summer at home with the kiddos. Um, I didn't get to much. We did alot of pool - went to the beach, went to the zoo a few times (not nearly as much as we did two years ago, we went about every weekend then!) but we still love it. But that's about it!! I'm not sure what has honestly happened. I just came up on a year of doing furniture. That has kind of exploded in a really awesome way.

I have loved being home with my kids - really, really loved it. But with it comes alot of sadness - one more summer until they start school. Seriously where does the time go? They JUST turned four!!! Now we are closer to five than four. I have to stop talking about this, because it really causes depression. They are my only babies and they are seriously growing SO FAST. I know everyone says that, but it's seriously scary.

In honor of the last day of summer, I actually took my camera to the pool today to get a couple of pics. They have done great this summer with swimming. They wore their "floaties" as much times as they had them off. They swam without them alot if I'm in the pool with them, but when Mommy needed a break, lol the floaties went back on. I just don't trust the water yet. They may be wearing floaties until they're 15. Goodbye summer! While I go cry, I'll relish in football season to come!

Gotta love ice cream at the pool!

One of the greatest things about our pool is the ability to shower there! So we go ahead and give the kids baths after they swim. One less step!

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