Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Week!

Here is it, yet another birthday. How do they happen so fast once you're past 30? Sigh. Anyway, another one has come and gone. Jake and I went out to have some fun in Nashville. I never feel old in Nashville. There are so many 30-40 somethings out and about, and so much to do. So, Jake and I ventured out to a new local hot spot, Acme Feed and Seed. Although the name sounds awful, it's four floors of trend. AND KIDS. I have nothing else to describe it. They were in their early 20's, some might have been younger. Jeez. All college aged, all drunk, all having an absolute ball. I usually never feel old, except for that moment. Dammit. I have never felt so old in my life. Do you ever go to a bar/restaurant where you just KNOW a fight will break out? Yeah, it was one of those places.

I look to old to be here :(

To further show my age, we went out to see one of my favorite shows, Guilty Pleasures, a completely 80's cover band. They are so much fun!!! Seriously, if you haven't been to a show and you are local, please check them out!

I actually was feeling better about my age, until my lovely husband Jake pointed out that this birthday was the 15th anniversary of my 21st birthday. WHAT???? I can hang out with 21 year olds! We are the same me and them! I cannot, no way Jose, be 15 YEARS older than them. I refuse to accept that. So, with that, I decided to do a Throwback Thursday to my 21st birthday party. We rented out the clubhouse at a college apartment complex where we lived in Knoxville at UT. It was a BALL. So many of my friends showed up, new and old. My sister Ginny picked me up that morning, she took me to the rock on Tennessee's campus where she surprised me by painting it! I went to a salon and got my hair done, went shopping for my outfit, and then had a mucho fun par-tay. NO WAY that was 15 years ago. NO FREAKING WAY.

The famous painted rock! And I still own this shirt! Seriously! So see? There's no way it's been fifteen years because there is NO WAY id still have a shirt this long. (Yeah, okay, shut it. It's sad Le sigh- great chambray never goes out of style tho) 

Me and Jake! We were just friends here though :) neighbor buddies. 

Ryan, Amanda and Moi- tiara natch

Me and Jill

Some of the girlsies :)

My sisters and mom came too. Here she is playing a mean pool game.

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