Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween #1 and Halloween #2

I'm absurdly late on getting these out. On Halloween #2, I lost my camera. EEEEK. Thankfully, I was found whew. So, I'm just now looking at them :)

Our first Halloween was in Knoxville. We were in Knoxville visiting while Jake was out of town and we decided last minute to do Boo at the Zoo in Knoxville. And of course, we had no costumes. So, $60 later at Party City with NOT THE COSTUMES WE WANTED TO WEAR FOR ACTUAL HALLOWEEN and we were all set. So, meet the firefighter and tinkerbell.

me, the fireman and Tinkerbell. She got to wear glitter makeup and I put ivy in her hair lol. 

Posing with possibly their mascot?

"Mommy can I get a photo in this cool jeep?"

"Mommy can I get a picture with the firetruck"?

Jules had to get her pic made with the gaggle of princesses. Naturally she chose Aurora to stand in front of. 

Tinkerbell on the carousel. 
Trick or treating - this is so funny. Shes so excited to get skittles, because she hates chocolate. But skittles are of course, the non-chocolate M&M and she wants to eat it immediately ha!

Halloween #2
Their preschool has a fall festival which is usually the week of Halloween. There is food, games, truck or treating and bounce houses. It was so fun! The kiddos were sick though but we powered through to get all the candy we could grab lol. 

Princess Anna of Arendale. 

Mikey and Anna are trunk or treating!

Seriously beautiful :)

More trunk or treating!

Random family pic!

I finally got the two together. Josh is harder and harder to keep still for pics ha!!

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