Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We spent another Thanksgiving down in Waverly. I didn't take many pics, but did take a couple. Im blessed beyond measure!

Things I'm Thankful for in 2014:

1. My two blessings, Josh and Jules
2. My husband
3. My business, Le Petite Maison. ( - it allows me to...
4. Being able to stay home with my two littles - extremely thankful for that.  
5. Two nieces, Sutton and Olive
6. Great friends
7. My crazy sisters, mom and dad, and inlaws.
8. That's my moms breast cancer diagnosis was treatable (well, hopefully) and that her chemo is almost over! - radiation is next!
9. Our home in Brentwood. It was still one of the best decisions we ever made. We gutted it and turned into a forever home. And adding location and fabulous neighbors - it's wonderful
10. My new minivan - I know that sounds shallow, but MAN I love, love that thing
11. My health - I was hospitalized last week with extremely high blood pressure. I've always had it, but got taken off meds (but now back on them big time) it was pretty scary.
12. My kids and husbands health - I know too many people whose kids are sick, going through treatments, husbands with cancer, the list goes on and on. I am blessed in this area, and something that terrifies me.
13. My kitties Gus and Zelly (can't forget about them!)
14. Our life - we are able to do so much and go so many places, and live like we want to live. I think and pray all the time about other struggling families, and those sweet kids who don't get much to eat or play with, or even people to pay attention to them.
15.  Christmastime. Im so glad it's coming. The magic and spirit of the season just overwhelms me. And now that I have kids, it's just awe inspiring. I just love it, and love seeing it through their eyes.

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  1. Loving that photo :) Great list of things to be thankful for!