Friday, December 12, 2014

Brunch With Santa 2014

This morning was their annual "Brunch with Santa" at their school. I love their little school so much. Im going to miss everyone when they go to big school. that which will not be named, as I can't believe they are getting that old. 

The little kiddos are all so sweet, and their Santa is so great with them!

Speaking of Christmas this year, Sylvester the Elf is back and they love, love, love him! My kids are just uber happy to find him every morning. We don't go all out crazy with him. I just move him from spot to spot, but the kids think its the greatest thing ever, so why mess with it? But, if you must, this post I did a while back is getting some crazy attention via Pinterest right now My little Joshy is ga-ga over Christmas this year. It's doesn't hurt that his best buddy in the whole world is his stuffed Gingerbread Man (Gingy) from last Christmas. I love, LOVE this time of year!!

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Oh hey look! I got in one! I've been good too!

On Josh: Sweater & Cords: Gap//Button Down: Janie and Jack//Shoes: Crocs (first and only pair - but they're boots and wool lined! They're cool, promise!!)
On Jules: Top and Dress: Jelly The Pug//Pants: Matilda Jane//Shoes: European Brand

Little Darlings

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