Saturday, December 6, 2014

First Meeting with Santa 2014, and a Look Back at Years Past

Holy Moly where have the years gone??? As in tradition, we spent the first Saturday in December at the local Brentwood Library for our Breakfast with Santa. You can see years past here and here. We didn't go last year as we went to Disney (WAH! How was THAT a year ago?)

But, we ventured again this year. Brentwood Library does a fun little morning with Santa meetings, letters to Santa, face paintings, food, carolers, and the familiar and sweet magic show by Scott Humston. So fun!!

Snack Time:
Snack time lol!

2011! Seriously how cute is she? 
2012 - We got juice again!

Santa Pics!

And now its time to walk down memory lane.

2011 - Jules refused to sit in his lap. So, she took the stool at his feet. Ha!

2012 - I had to intervene again lol. Jules was so scared.

This year the magic show was magical for this guy!

Seriously, as soon at Scott came out, Josh says: "You know, Mommy, magicians (or however he pronounced it, ha!) always need volunteers. They ALWAYS do"

Well, Scott then came out and said he needed one. Whoever had the biggest smile. Well, the only thing I regret is not snapping a pic of this guy's smile. HYSTERICAL. Needing to one else had a chance. 

Jake and Josh

And a look back at them years ago. Le Sigh...

How, how, HOWWWWWWW have they gotten so big????? So cute, so sweet, and so just yesterday, right?

We then headed down to Downtown Franklin for their Christmas Parade It was so quaint, so easy to see, and so perfect.

Me and my stinkers. Tis the season!
We ended the day with the kids first viewing of Babes in Toyland, with Annette Funicello. A complete classic, one I havent seen in 20 years but I've seen 20 thousand times. Oh the memories.

I'm a giddy person in Christmas season. giddy, giddy giddy. You can't get a smile off my face.

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