Monday, December 15, 2014

Our First Nutcracker "Date"

This will top my list and my memories as one of the very favorite days with my daughter. I decided this year will be the year that Jules and I would try to go see The Nutcracker. They have a "Mini Nutcracker" which I would have preferred, but tickets went soooo fast, so the big girl Nutcracker at TPAC in Nashville would be the way to go! It was a risky move, since tickets were over $100 for the both of us, so it would have been an expensive mistake if she hated it.

She couldn't have been a better girl, and the afternoon was absolutely lovely. We went to lunch downtown beforehand at a place called Demo's. She requested spaghetti, so what better place than Italian? About 50 people stopped us to tell Jules how pretty she was. She was on her very best behavior the entire time.

The show started and she loved it. It was long, yes, and by the end she was ready to go, but she honestly did amazing. I loved every single second of it. Next year I think we'll try to do the Mini Nutcracker again though.

As special as it all was, I have discovered in my adult life that I still DO NOT LOVE The Nutcracker. I thought maybe it was because I was just a kid? Nope. Yes, I know, I suck. but I honestly hate it. HA!! Isn't that horrible? It's the most boring this ever. It's like CATS the musical but with no singing. Everybody just gets a ballet solo. But Jules loved, it so I loved it with her. It's one of those mother/daughter tradition things that I've looked forward to since the day she was born. It was incredibly special.

But maybe next year going the "shorter route" will help out this mama. Hehe.

I promise she's excited!

Tried to set the camera up to take our picture. Kind of a fail. Need a tripod!

Phone picture. She got to pose with one of the ballerinas from the show!

My little Eloise at the Plaza.

And don't feel sorry for Josh, he got a super date too. He got to go with his daddy to the Titans game!

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  1. So pretty! I am right there with you The Nutcracker is not my favorite but Evie loves it. I love it for her!