Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Until Next Year Sylvester

I am really truly going to miss this guy. We don't do any crazy elf things. He doesn't get into mischief. He doesn't roll our bathroom. He just quietly moves from spot to spot. The kids talk to him every morning and say hello, and apologize to him when they're bad. 

The look on their face each morning when they go look for his new spot is priceless.This year he left a goodbye letter for the kids. 

It read:

Dear Josh and Jules:

I want to say goodbye. To Santa I must go. I will miss you both very much. I have enjoyed seeing you both get so excited about Christmas. Please always remember that Christmas is not just about presents, but being kind to others. Jesus taught us that, and that is why Santa flies on Christmas Eve. 

Jules: I've enjoyed watching you clean your room and use your manners. You are a very polite little girl. Remember to not take off your socks and shoes and throw them in the floor when you walk in the door. And eat your vegetables!!!

Josh: sometimes you are the sweetest boy. And other times you've been naughty. Santa and I have been watching!! Please remember to always be polite. No bad words, no hitting, and no whining!! Be nice and play fair. You are a good boy, I know it!

I love you both very much as does Santa. I hope he brings you lots of presents. Read my book again and always remember me. 


 I love our Elf, Sylvester. Until next year my friend.


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