Monday, January 12, 2015

A RED ALERT Gingy Emergency

If you are a reader of this blog, or have the privilege of knowing Josh in real life, you know of his best buddy in the whole world, Gingy. 

Gingy was given to Josh by my dad, Grampa Roy for Christmas 2013. 

That Christmas he kept on saying he wanted a "gingerbread man" and I kept thinking he was just wanting to make Gingerbread cookies, so my mom clarified it one night and nope- he wanted an actual Gingerbread Man. Ha!

Dad was still trying to get him one more thing so I suggested I try to find one while my mom and I were out shopping that  day and have Dad give it to him.

Well, we went to several places - NO gingerbread men anywhere, and to be honest I kind of expected it. I had no clue what I was looking for. 

A lady at the last store suggested Hobby Lobby. So off we went. 

As luck would have it, they already had their Christmas marked down to like 60% off!!!! So we got Gingy super cheap lol!

We'll, wouldn't you know Josh opened that up and hasn't left his side since. He's been sewed up more times than I could count. They go everywhere together and are best friends. 

Yesterday we had a catastrophe and could NOT find him. Jake and I literally tore the house apart. Not only was Josh heartbroken, but we were too!! He's a big part of our family now and I'm just as attached to him as Josh is. Since their birthday was this week we started panicking that he got thrown out with boxes or trash. 

I started posting on buy/sell/trade boards on Facebook seeing if ANYONE had one. I honestly didn't want to get a new one. I mean, that's not his best friend and the one he loves, but we are desperate and maybe I could "rough one up" enough :( 

Someone actually found one on eBay. So many lovely people helped. Woohoo! I paid quite a bit more but who cares. I now have a back up!!!

Thankfully--- I ended up finding Gingy. He mentioned he was playing "Where's Gingy- there he is!!" Peekaboo game with him so I started looking "in" things where he could hide and I found him. Hallelujah!!!!! (And seriously how sweet is that!!!! <<<<)

I just went and woke him up to tell him I found his buddy :) and they're reunited again. 

All is well in the world again. 

Don't worry - we weren't driving ^ :) 

Found the little stinker!!!!! I had tears in my eyes when I found him!!


  1. OH my god that is so adorable! And look at you being the best mom ever searching for a back up :)