Monday, January 12, 2015

Little Ice Skaters

I realized in talking to a friend today that I haven't posted anything about them ice skating!

They started taking lessons in October and are actually quite good! MUCH better than I am! 

While I hate it as it's time consuming getting bundled up, change clothes, put on ice skates, etc and it's FREEZING in there... They do love it. Even Jules! 

I take a phone pic every week in the same spot. So, here we are before a few lessons:

Some tried to steal the spot light this week. 

And a few videos:

Josh skating:

Skating Backwards:

Each week they chase bubbles, so here's a clip from that :)

Jules skating:

Each week the teachers throw out stuff animals and they have to skate to them and pick them up:

And finally, we went iceskating at market square in Knoxville over Christmas :)


  1. Look at those green pants in the first photo!! So cute. I've been thinking really hard about taking Lyla ice skating for the first time :)