Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Christmas Bucket List

It seems like this year flew by. I'm not sure how it happened. I had a "Christmas Bucket List" if you will and tried to add some new things, but honestly we didn't get to some of the things we even do every year! (like the Opryland Hotel)

We did add a couple of new things. We went to a A Very Merry Music City Christmas  - that was fun. They had Olaf, snowsledding, a bounce house, etc. It was fun.


We did caroling with our moms group at a local nursing home.

We saw the lights at Jellystone Park this year, and also drove twice around to see the prettiest lights in the city. 

We made cookies and did some Christmas crafts, some better than others. 

Jules' snowman and Josh's "he loves glue" sled. 

Can you guess which one is from Pinterest and was our inspiration?

Josh and Heidi Klum with their Gingerbread houses. 

Josh was DYING to do a popcorn garland this year. So we odd it and put is on the tree in his room. That guy. 

Josh got The Polar Express this year. He's obsessed with the book/movie. At 3 last year he watched it so many times. He kept on saying jokingly "mommy I don't believe" because he was hoping the Polar Express would come get him. That backfired as he had nightmares the next two nights because he was scared a train was going to come take him away. Haha!! 

We went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church, which we haven't done since before the kids were born.

Things I didn't do were the Walkthrough Bethlehem, Opryland Hotel and The Rockettes. Oh well, we can only squeeze so much in, no? Sigh... Still a GREAT GREAT Christmas!! 


  1. I've been to the Opryland Hotel before! Not for Christmas or anything buttttt I've been there haha. Sounds like you did a good deal of Christmas things even though it wasn't everything you wanted!