Thursday, April 9, 2015

Citrusolution - A Review

Ahhhhhh, its that time of year people! Now that the weather is FINALLY nice after all that snow, everyone gets that itch to start their spring cleaning. There's just something about cleaning out the clutter, making several trips to Goodwill, opening up the windows, and freshening up your house that takes me to the beginning of spring!

When we bought our home a couple of years ago, we completely gutted it. So, part of what we had to decide was new carpet. Well, when they give you a big board of 50 samples and you pick one, you honestly don't realize how LIGHT it is until you come home and its in your house! As much as I like it, it is SUPER light, and with two five year olds, and two shedding cats, our carpets already look several years old instead of two.

I was recently approached by Citrusolution to come out and clean my carpets in return for a blog review. If you've read the paragraph above, you will know that I was jumping up and down emphatically said of course!

Im going to show you some pics of my carpet before (yes, I know Im brave!!)

 Just lots of spots and just dingy wear.

I honestly had not heard of Citrusolution, but let me tell you - I was SO PLEASED and impressed! Ed Van Voorhees, the local owner of Citrusolution, couldn't have been nicer or more professional. He bought his small team, who have been with him for years, and they got it done in no time. And it was dry so quickly!

Citrusolution uses an environmentally-friendly, citrus-based cleanser. I liked this part due to the fact I have kids and pets! Its super safe! And I promise I was so pleased it worked!! And it smelled awesome!! The  solution contains citrus acid (like lemon juice) and d-Limonene (extracted oil from citrus rinds). The d-Limonene agent has been proven to fight against dust mites and other household allergens. In addition, this agent is also used in other forms to help support immunity and detoxification. I couldn't believe how great my carpet looked when they were done. They looked brand new! And the best part? The leave an entire bottle of the cleaning solution so you can clean spots yourself using the same solution they used. 

Now here's a BEFORE:


I spoke with Ed a little bit on their pricing. They dont do gimicks, they dont do the bait-and-switch, they dont do Groupons. What they do, if offer a very competive, all-inclusive pricing structure with nothing hidden. 

I was really pleasatly impressed with this company, and I absoluetly will give Ed and his company Citrusolution a call the next time I need my carpets cleaned. Im not sure I will go anywhere else! Their contact info is below :) 

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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  1. Mandy, thank you for your great review! We were glad to be of service. Ed VanVoorhees, owner CitruSolution of Middle Tennessee

  2. We have used CitruSolution and LOVED the results! I also have them clean my sofa and was amazed at the difference. Their cleaner also smells lovely and refreshing - nothing too harsh or chemical heavy.