Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Easter 2015

had to take a pic before they took off towards the Easter basket! And yes, this is how she came downstairs. She wanted to sleep in a pretty dress and wanted her hair in a side pony with the flower clip. Ha!

Family Pic!

We went to lunch in Waverly, so I decided to get out my camera and take some pics of everyone :)

so very typical of them right now. Josh holding a basketball. Jules with a lovey and a thousand bracelets and necklaces. 

Seriously - little models. 

our cousin Lisa is due to have a baby literally any day now - shes past 40 weeks at this point!! So I took some pics of them as well :)

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  1. Loving your family photo and good luck to your cousin!

  2. WOW - you got some good shots!