Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day 2015

Mothers Day. It always brings up so many feelings. I vividly remember when I was trying to have my babies. Mothers Day I simply dreaded. I hated going to church, I hated going out to eat. Mothers were everywhere, being celebrated and cherished, and I was just wondering if it would ever happen to me. 

Then it did :) and I'm a lucky lucky girl. 

On 2015, here are my thoughts on this Mothers Day. 

1. I think about those soon to be Mothers, who haven't yet been able to experience motherhood but want to so desperately. Please know I've been in your shoes and I know how lonely and sad you are today. I hope you get your dream soon.

2. I think about my sweet friends who have lost their moms way too soon. I know how hard Facebook will be for you today seeing all the mom posts.  And I hope you'll have a wonderful day thinking about your mom and cherishing your memories. 

3. I think about my mom and her fight with breast cancer this past year. When she called and told me she had cancer I never went to "that place" - that place deep in the back of your mind where you think about a world without your mom. I just couldn't. She is the most important person in the world. And she fought it bravely and with a smile on her face and a laugh in her eyes. She finished all treatments a couple of months ago. We are so, so thankful and grateful to God and her great doctors. 

4. I think about my kids, and how much fun it is to be their mom. Being a mom has certainly changed me. I always wondered the type of mom I would become. I got many different parenting traits from each of my parents. I got reasoning, patience, kindness and love of music from my mom. I got my silliness, "having fun with the kids like a kid", love of sports, and my temper, lol, from my dad. Both of my parents did a great job raising me and my sisters. We are as close as can be in light of all our dysfunction ;) 

5. I think about if I'm doing good as a mother. I have my good days and bad days. Some days are blissful, some days are a struggle. Some days, I feel like Mom of the Year, others a complete failure. I hope my kids will look back on their life and say I was an awesome Mom. When I decided a year and a half ago to stop working so I could stay at home with them before they started kindergarten, no one told me how fast this was going to go. Like- lightening speed. Here is it summertime, and they start school in August. I hope my kids have loved this time with me as much as I've loved it with them :)

6. I think about my mother in law, and how great it is and lucky I am to have her in my life. I think about my two nieces Olive and Sutton, and how great it is to be able to share this awesome "Mom Club" with them. And to be able to witness your sister and sister-in-law become "moms"is just pretty cool. You can explain it all day long, but once it happens to them it's just magical. 

7.  I think about my daughter Jules. I hope one day that she'll want to be a Mommy. I hope she will get to experience this wondrous joy as I have. And I hope Im around to see her become a Mommy, and look at her with her babies like the way my mom looks at me with mine. I hope she will be a great mom and take pieces of me and Jake with her, and shape her into this amazing mom. 

8. I think about this day, and as all days, how truly lucky and blessed I am. Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!!