Thursday, May 21, 2015

Milestone - pre-K graduation

I'm pretty sure I took this picture last week. Pretty certain. 

I'm not sure when it became a "thing" but my sweet babies are graduating from preschool tomorrow. 

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you know what I think about time. I think it's a MFing bitch. It's like I look up, and months have passed by, literally. In fact, I feel like I JUST wrote this post like, yesterday, and boom. They are almost FIVE AND A HALF.

God, time. You're sure an asshole. 

I know I should be so happy and proud that they are graduating. But I have all those other feelings. 

The fact that they aren't babies anymore.
The fact that they will be walking down the hall with eleven year olds.

The fact that I have no other little babies at home. (Having twins just seals that deal for you)

The fact that I have no more firsts. No more first words, no more first steps, no more first anything really. I'm all done. And it makes my want to bawl my eyes out. They are "kids" now. 

The fact that it seems like I decided to become a stay at home mom two seconds ago. When I made this decision I decided that because we had twins and once they started school, they were "gone" I wanted to cherish a year and a half home with them before they started school. And then I looked up and it's here. Like, NOW. Seriously time. You're an asshole. 

The fact that I adore their school. The LOVE it and everyone in it. What a blessing it's been. Not only are my babies growing up, but we have to say goodbye to so many great people. 

The fact that they have to say goodbye to their friends. I know reality. These kids are going off to different elementary schools. I feel like I'm sending my high school senior off to a different college than his best friends. Sad, but true. 

I know I'm throwing a pity party for myself, and I'm sure tomorrow will be fine. But tonight I sulk. And reminisce. And just remain sad. 


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