Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Snuggle Bug

I have this sweet guy back. He's left me a lot lately. 

Sometimes he's a shit. 
Sometimes he's a big boy and not my little sweet guy anymore :(
Sometimes he's too cool for Mommy. 

The past two days he's been my sweetie again. It hasn't taken much. An animal book actually- he took an interest in blue whales so we've been reading about them and watching You Tube. A little thing- but now mommy is cool again and it's something we have shared and is "our thing". 

Tonight as I'm putting him to bed, he asks that I hold him and rock in my arms for a minute. 

"Mommy, I love snuggling with you. Even if I have friends over, or get big, and married, I'll always want to snuggle with you" 

I then said I Thank God for you buddy, and he said, "I thank God for you, Mommy" 

Again,  he can be a royal shit at times,but between tonight and the fact that pre-k graduation is on Friday, it's been a sappy week 😢😢😢😢

Oh how I love my little cuddle bug and snuggle bunny. He will always be 💜💜


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