Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Night we Found out out Kindergarten Teachers

I am incredibly behind on a plethora of posts. Like, a PLETHORA. And the amount of pictures on my camera to upload is just ridiculous. However, tonight we learned our kindergarten teachers :) 

That's right folks, my BABIES start kindergarten on Thursday. THURSDAY!!!!! 

My kiddos will be attending Scales. We are very excited about this school. We looked for houses for two years and finally moved into the district to attend here. 

We got a personal "automated"phone call from the teachers, to inform my kids they will be in their class. It was going to be at 5:30pm.

When I say I've been a nervous wreck all day - I HAVE!!!! It's been like awaiting Christmas morning. There are six teachers. I've been obsessed. 

I decided to separate them. It's for the best. Jules is incredibly shy, and I know it's best for her to branch out on her own without Josh. It will be great for them, but incredibly hard for me: two sets of friends, two sets of homework, etc.

 Once we found out teachers, thus began a phone, text, email, and Facebook chain to collect all information about which kids would be in which classes. It was hysterical. Jake thought I was crazy. An even funnier aside was I went for a good hour without knowing which twin was in each class. Lol!! 

I can't explain how pleased I am with the teacher each child got. They were matched so so well. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!***

***Im actually not excited in the least. 


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