Friday, December 4, 2015

Oh yeah, still here

Well I am just embarassed. Embarassed embarassed embarassed!! 

I'm not sure what has happened, but since kindergarten started, life went into overdrive. And it's going FAST. Let's update a bit:

1. Kiddos started kindergarten. They absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And in obsessed with their school! It's the best. Honestly. 

2. They ride the BUS. Like, actually, big kids. Crazy. 

3. Then, out of nowhere, fall happened, and football craziness ensued! 

4. Then came the biggest, hugest thing ever. I took over, and actually own a store y'all! I had been renting space in a little boutique here in Nashville for a while now, then in mid September, I was approached about possibly taking over, and it was official Oct 1! She's all mine. I changed the name to my biz, La Petite Maison, and it's so much fun!!! 

5. Halloween! My little cuties were a black cat and a zombie, lol. 

6. Jake and I even dressed up this year for a party! So fun! 

7. November came. Nov 1 was the grand re-opening event at the store and it was a huge success! Then Nov 11 the next biggest thing ever happened: 

Yay!!! Back to Disney we went. And this time, we did it right. Stayed Wed-Monday, went to every park, did the Very Merry Mickey Party, dined at character events every day. It was SO MUCH AWESOME. 

9. Josh lost a tooth!! First one! 

10. My niece Sutton turned two, and thenThanksgiving  happened. 

11. And now it's December! Almost Christmas! I honestly can't believe it. Time has FLOWN. And you're all caught up!