Thursday, January 7, 2016

And then you were six...

Well, its no secret I hate time with a mad passion. Yesterday I blinked and you turned five. Wow - this year has gone faster than most. Maybe because you are actual "people" and my best little buds in the whole wild world. And maybe it's because not much has changed. Gone are the years of "firsts": first steps, first words, first sentences, etc (although we now have teeth! So there's that - whew!)

Now you are just perfect little people that keep growing up before my very eyes. Into just taller, smarter, funnier, prettier perfect people.  Always remember how special you both are and how special it it that you are twins. You will have each other for the rest of your lives and always share that unique bond. I am so blessed to call you mine.

My Dearest Jules,
You are my best friend, my mini-me, and the apple of my eye. You are the sweetest soul and the do-gooder, people-pleaser of our family. It was a big decision to separate you in kindergarten this year. Mainly for you. I wanted you to blossom. I wanted you to break from Josh and make your own friends and make your own way. And you have! In your kindergarten class you knew one person going in. And you are friends with everyone. Your teacher said "everyone wants to be paired with Jules". Not a mean bone is in your body. You are friends with the girls and the boys alike. Some of your best friends are boys, just like me. Not because you're "boy crazy" but because all you see is a nice, good people and want to be friends with everyone. But I worry about you, little one. My wish for you is to break free of all intimidations inside you. You are embarassed to sing in front of people. You are so afraid people will make fun of you. You are so hard on yourself if you color outside the lines, and worry if something isn't perfect. At five, you are already worry about what your friends thing of you. Oh, my darling - you are perfect and beautiful and smart. I wish I knew how to fix it, and I'm trying to. But you are a minature me. It's so funny how similar we are even at such a young age. I can't wait to see you grow - just please don't do it as fast as last year.
Love, Mommy

My sweet Joshie,
Overnight you have turned into this little cool dude. You will forever be my sweet guy. You were such an angel baby and angel kid. You were the shy sweet one, while Jules was the dominant personality. You hit kindergarten and turned into Mr. Personality. I couldn't be more proud of all the friends you have made. My wish for you is to remain that sweet little boy that is in there - and not to get persuaded to act/be/dress a certain way because others are doing it. Be the kind boy that invites others to play, even if hes not wanted by others - that's you - that's always been you. God gave you the biggest heart of our family. I hope and pray that you use it the way He wanted you to. And I hope you always have a strong sense of worth in whatever you do, be it with friends, in sports, or in school. You have turned into quite the little man. Gone is my baby boy. It's different than with Jules. She is always be by my side hiding under my skirt. But you are growing up faster, and I hope and pray those hugs, kisses and cuddles never end. And Scarecrow, I'm going to miss you most of all.
Love, MooMoo

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